double action door | anti-finger-trap single action door

This door combines barrier-free access and finger trapping protection. The system forster presto allows to realize flush fitting single- and double-leaf fire-resistant double action doors, fitted with a reliable finger protection, on lock side as well as on hinge side. Ideally for highly frequented buildings like shopping centers, hospitals, schools, airports etc.. 

double action door, anti-finger-trap door

Technical details
Material optionssteel 

max. 1380 × 2326 mm for single leaf E30 / E60

max. 2418 × 2307 mm for double leaf E30 / E60 

Performance specifications*

fire protection E30/EW30 and E60/EW60

finger protection in accordance with DIN 18650 / EN 16005

System properties

concealed and integrated door-closing systems

also with asymmetrical leaf widths possible

*refer to country-specific approvals 

double action door
double action door
variants of double action door
double action door

Tour CMA / GCM, Marseille

double action door E30

Marseille, Frankreich