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Forster Profile Systems in steel and stainless steel

Our hearts beat for steel; steel is our passion because it combines elegance and strength, durability and timelessness like hardly any other material.
We hold steel in our hands every day. We are experts when it comes to steel; we are familiar with its advantages and enthusiastic about the possibilities that building with steel opens up today and in the future.

The demands on buildings have not diminished: technical and social developments that have brought us digitisation, drive urbanisation and demographic changes, alter our working behaviour and continue to shape the awareness of an ecological way of life as well as health and safety aspects. They all influence the design of our spatial environment, which must be implemented in a simultaneously functional and visually appealing architecture.

This is exactly where Forster comes in. For us, building with steel means building for life: building in the service of the diverse needs of people and future generations as well as building with respect for the environment and natural resources.

about Forster
swiss made

All our profiles are manufactured in Romanshorn, Switzerland. At the 14,000 m² production area, approximately 3,000 km of profiles are manufactured, controlled and shipped all over the world annually. 

Stahl & Ökologie

By using steel profile systems you contribute actively to protecting the environment.


The raw material steel convinces, amongst other things, through its positive properties such as stability and durability. For this reason, steel is virtually predestined for the production of profile systems, particularly for safety applications.

Mission and values Forster Group

We strive for a corporate culture based on respect for employees, customers, suppliers, for our society and the world we live in. We embrace other ideas and diversity. We preserve natural resources and reduce our ecologic footprint throughout the entire supply chain.

The history of Forster Profile Systems

Safe and energy efficient solutions for doors, windows, and curtain walls