fire-protection door with thermal break

Forster unico is the revolutionary, thermally insulated profile system for fire-protection doors that comprises 100% recyclable steel and contain no synthetic insulating materials – in contrast to all other insulated systems. This innovation, uniquely evocative of a framework style of construction, satisfies the most stringent demands relating to physical and structural functions. 

This is the latest technology, energy efficiency, attractive design and the ecological use of materials for a responsible and sustainable construction.

Multipoint locks specially designed for the system provide economical manufacture. These also allow for an anti-panic escape door.

fire-protection door with thermal break

Technical details
Material optionssteel 

clear opening single-leaf 1370 × 3010 mm

clear opening double-leaf 2700 × 3010 mm

glazing height 5000 mm, width unlimited

Performance specifications*

fire-resistance EI30 according to EN 1634-1

UD > 1.5 W/(m²⋅K)

Ug 1.1 W/(m²⋅K) double glazed units

Ug 0.9 W/(m²⋅K) triple glazed units

System properties

CE-marking according to EN 14351-1


leaf weight up to 300 kg

integrated door closer

anti-panic touch-bar

Variantsescape door with anti-panic, partially-panic on open leaf

*refer to country-specific approvals

fire-protection door with thermal break, forster unico
forster unico EI30
threshold fire-resistant door with thermal break, forster unico
threshold forster unico door EI30