flush mounted sheet metal door E30

Flush mounted single or double-leaf sheet metal doors made of forster presto stand for security and safety and meets maximum demands for technical functionality and extreme long-term exposure to stress. The system is suitable for use wherever there are no special thermal insulation requirements. The door leaf can be realized with round and square cutouts.

flush mounted sheet metal door

Technical details
Material optionssteel 

inside width single leaf 1402 × 2500 mm

inside width double leaf 2790 × 2500 mm

Performance specifications*

fire protection E30

System properties

round and square glass cutouts possible

installation in fixed glazing

with screen abutments, fanlights


*refer to country-specific approvals

variants flush mounted sheet metal door, forster presto
sheet metal doors variants
sheet metal door in glazing, forster presto
sheet metal door in glazing
sheet metal door in masonry, forster presto
sheet metal door with screen abutments
fire-resistant sheet metal door with screen abutments and fanlight flush mounted, fire-resistant sheet metal door E30. Profile system: forster presto

Precision Implants

fire-resistant sheet metal doors and screens

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