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Architecture "to go": Mobile Corona-Test Modules

As pioneers in the field of "mobile architecture", mo Systeme has been developing high-quality module boxes since 2004. They can be used as a temporary form of presentation for events, road shows, small trade fairs or even alternative working environments. Available in various designs and sizes, the module boxes are designed for quality and sustainability. In other words, they are robust, durable and the materials used can be reused.

For the latest addition to the product range, the steel profiles forster presto 50 were used for side walls and doors, which meet exactly these requirements. In fact, mo systeme has expanded its portfolio with mobile Covid 19 test stations. The test stations are set up outdoors; they are available as drive-through variants as well as for pedestrians. In addition, they are designed to ensure safety distances and the test personnel are protected by glazing.

The built-in door elements in forster presto 50 allow the side panels to be opened completely to make the best possible use of the interior space and the areas on the platforms. The smooth-running revolving leaves are equipped with robust 3D adjustable stainless steel hinges and thus ensure safe operation. The wings are fitted with glass for maximum transparency. Opaque infill elements in various designs offer additional creative freedom.

The versatility of forster presto 50 offers mo Systeme exactly the flexibility that the company needs for its modular concept. Fixed glazing as well as the movable pivoting sashes offer many possibilities for room division as well as for directing streams of visitors. The innovative concept is now in use throughout Germany and internationally.


door elements (forster presto 50)

Company : mo Systeme