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EPDs are environmental product declarations that are issued exclusively for prefabricated parts.

These declarations are issued to the manufacturing company and must be applied for directly by the manufacturer of these components to the issuing institute in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14025.

The company-specific EPDs can be ordered directly from ift-Rosenheim. Download the following order forms and request them directly from ift. The EPDs are then valid for several years.

Further information can be obtained directly from ift-Rosenheim:  

EPD example for doors and windows

EPD example Window 

EPD example Doors 


Certificats ISO

Afin de mettre en application systématiquement notre politique de qualité et de gestion environnementale dans les tous les domaines et d'étendre davantage encore les standards atteints, il est indispensable de disposer d'un système de gestion de la qualité et de l'environnement performant. Forster est certifié selon les normes ISO 9001  gestion de la qualité et ISO 14001  gestion environnementale.