EI30 / EI60 / EI90 / EI120


Forster fuego light is the tested and approved, very extensive complete profile system with fittings and accessories for flush single- and double-leaved glazed fire resistant doors, as well as for fire resistant glazed walls.

The appeal of the system resides in the extremely slender visible profile widths, the overall filigree look and great transparency. 



  • Steel
  • Stainless steel, grinded, 220-240 grain 

High degree of aesthetic appeal

  • Extremely slender visible section widths, outer frame/leaf measurement from only 110 mm, and individual surface design

Locks and fittings

  • Fittings to match the system and new concealed hinges.
  • Attractively shaped stainless steel handle sets and slender roller door hinges.
  • Concealed invisible door-closing systems. 

Safety and protection

  • Fire-resistant door EI30 / EI60 / EI90 in combination with smoke-proofing requirements.
  • Fire-resistant screening EI30 / EI60 / EI90 / EI120
  • Fire-resistant sliding door EI30 in masonry or in glazings
  • Flush mounted sheet metal door EI30
  • Fire-resistant door EI30, burglar-resistant RC 1-3 according to EN 1627-1630
  • Glass-to-glass joint EI30/EI60, the maximum of transparency


  • By compatible systems that complement one another perfectly. The look is identical to that of Forster presto series (fire- and smoke-protection system) and Forster unico (thermal insulated system).
  • Prefabricated profiles for efficient processing, including assembly of the concealed door-closers.