01 Cutting

Cutting the steel and stainless steel profiles and the glazing beads

02 Notching out

Precut on metal saw and vertical cut with grinder. Alternative method.

03 Deburr, chamfer

Welding preparation of uncoated steel profiles and chamfering

04 Removing zinc layer

Preparation for welding. Removing the zinc layer and chamfer

05 Cut outs, fix points

Cut outs for mounting the fittings

06 Stud fasteners

Installation of stud fasteners with a power driver for self-cutting screws

07 Tacking, welding order

Tacking and welding order of weld on hinges

08 Frame assembly A

Clamping, welding and check of the frame

09 Frame assembly B

Tacking and welding

10 Grinding

Grinding and polish the weld

11 Stainless steel: clamping, tacking

Clamping, tacking and welding

12 Stainless steel: cleaning

Stainless steel: electrochemical cleaning

13 Stainless steel: grinding

Stainless steel: grinding of the weld

The installation of fillings

Filling elements for door leaf

3D screw-on hinge

Installation 3D screw-on hinge for forster fuego light

Profiles with zinc magnesium surface

Welding profiles in steel with zinc magnesium surface